Thursday, October 22, 2009

Crafty night

Tonight is Crafty night, the challenge for tonight was to make 8 cards (one for everyone) and it had to have more than 5 layers on it. I just couldn't resist to make a Christmas card, so here is what I came up with...just LOVE this old country Santa. It comes from the set called Believe by Papertrey :)! Had fun making this card for everyone, will have the other 8 cards that the other made that I will post tomorrow sometime.

I am also in charge of the project tonight, and we
are making a a notepad holder...was hoping that it would be able to stick to the fridge because of the magnets on the back of the notepads. It wouldn't stay on the fridge as it was too heavy...but if you don't want it in the notepad holder then you can take it out. I will post the tutorial for this project tomorrow once I type it up for you all :)! Here is the inside and also the outside of the notebook holder...nothing fancy but am sure the girls will do something great with theirs.

Now that it is getting closer to the time I have to do my project, I am getting a bit stressed out as I think I should have done something else for a project. I know, I know we said not to get stressed out and it isn't something to get stressed out about....but still I am a wee itty bitty bit!

Inky Hugs,