Thursday, October 1, 2009

necklaces for a good cause

My good friend Julie, works for a company called "Big Brothers Big Sisters" and they are having their annual auction. So I offered to make a necklace, which then turned into 2 necklaces because I thought she needed 2. Lol, anyways here is the first one :)!

I thought with Christmas coming up the next one should be xmasy themed...well, at least in colors :p! So here is the second one I came up with....

I also thought I should take this time to apologize for my lack of blogging...once again life got in the way. Anyways, I am going to start being more crafty...I need to be more crafty just because there is a lot going on and in a way crafty time is therapy time. Know what I mean??? How many of you use crafty time in for relaxing and like a therapy??

Inky Hugs,


Angelnorth said...

Pretty necklaces! You might want to pop over to my blog Catherine :o) Use the "contact me" link at the side to send me an e-mail with your address!

Tracy.H said...

These look great! Yes...I could use some crafty time myself...possibly tomorrow. :0)