Friday, October 23, 2009

Crafty night goodies

Last night we had5 gals out including myself, sadly we were missing 3 gals and one of our gals Yvonne sadly moved away to Texas. Hope to see you guys out again soon :)! The first project we did was mine, knew I should have done something a little frustrated with myself. I know the girls are going to tell me they loved it and not to worry about! The next project was Val's, she did a technique card with us and it was almost like the one we did last time with Deborah but a tad different. I am going to have to get Val to tell us what this technique was called, because I forget. Lol, my poor memory is getting worse :(! Gorgeous eh?? Thank you so much Val, LOVED this technique :)!

Then we handed out our challenge card
s to everyone, wow, is all I have to say because all the cards were gorgeous and will be going up in my crafty room on the wall. Time to change up my cards I think :)! The card you see here on the right is one that Kelly made, love your doodle...see none of the gals like to doodle by freehand. Well, I don't mind it but none of the other gals will go for it if you ask them!

This card was done by Louise, look at what she created isn't it just amazing :)! Always enjoy seeing what she has created, she is so talented and creates the most gorgeous cards.

Here is Louise's card from the last challenge that she didn't get done in time, but she had them ready for last night :)! Thank you so much Louise!!

Here is Val's card, gorgeous card and I just love the flower with the flourish :)!

Here is Kim's card, LOVE it :)! Especially love that new Martha Stewart punch that she used...thanks Kim for this fun card. Thank you for the yummy treat you brought Kim, and you can't ever just have one of them. She brought "Sex in a Pan", WOW is all I have to :p!

Here is Deborah's card, LOVE this image that she used it is GORGEOUS :)! Thank you Deborah for the wonderful earrings too, and for the lunchbox...Ethan won't put it down. Think it is glued to him for good now...

Thank you so much gals for a fun night, I look forward to the next one am hoping I will be up and doing well again by that point. For those of you who don't know, I am having knee surgery (my 3rd) this I will be laid up to make tons of stuff, perhaps not the first day or second day after my surgery but after that I will have things for you guys.

Inky Hugs,


FoundProdigalDaughter said...

those are some fantastic cards! Great job ladies!