Friday, October 30, 2009

Get Sketchy sketch #12

Thought I would do this sketch, here is what I came up with :)! I made this first thing this morning, as I was waiting for my Mom to come out to help me out today.

We took the wrap/gauze off my knee, oh boy I wasn't expecting to find what I did. There were two big incisions, then there were 3 other little one's around the larger one's. Am thinking that sure my surgeon was a *HOTTIE* but he needs to work on his stitching, because it isn't as nice a job as one would expect. Fraken knee is what I call my knee, just in time for Halloween...don't worry I am not going to show you.

Inky Hugs,


Tracy.H said...

cute card.

your description was quite enough, thanks. ;0) Take care of yourself. :0)