Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Okay, so I thought it would be a great time to update you all on what has occurred since school started :)! My oldest is doing really well with school, loves to write and loves to build things too :)! My middle guy is having lots of trouble with school, has shown signs of regression and we are trying to get him the BEST services we can. On that same note a friend of mine and myself have taken it upon ourselves to fight for more support services and speech therapy all across our city, we are going to do a presentation at the end of November to our school board. Someone has to fight for our children's education, especially those children that have special needs :)! At our school we have 1 speech therapist to 49 children, she is at our school 1 day a week for an hour or two...how are these kids benefiting from that??? If the school board won't help us we are starting a petition and are taking our concerns to the media!! My dd is doing well, we started going to a weekly playgroup in our area and we try to goto the library almost every week...so she can play with other children :)!

I had my knee appointment today with my #4 Orthopedic surgeon, he was gentle with me but now I am still in excruciating pain :(! The good news is that he is referring me to a pain clinic since my knee problem is a life long disorder or condition and I have to learn to live with it without a lot of meds. He also is going to do a scope to see just what is going on from the inside, and I was floored when they told me it will be Oct.28th as in 2 weeks, as in Oct.28th 2009...lol. Usually, it is a 2-3 or more wait for knee surgery...I have to goto the valley for it early in the morning...my surgery is at 11, but I have to be there for 9. I am happy and kind of dreading being in more pain for a few days after my surgery...will keep you posted :)!

Inky Hugs,