Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Waste of time, sorta

Well, I went in this morning to talk to my family doctor about me being so full of stress and anxieties...she thought this other doctor (flip flop) is being ridiculous. That I am fine, and that I know when to ask for help if I need it...she thought it was weird of this "Flip Flop" doctor to not get why I am stressed.  Lol, this whole experience is odd with this "Flip Flop"!

While I was there I thought I would bring up my poor sore knee, she looked at it and thought that I have without a doubt Osteo Arthritis in it plus she thinks I am going to have to have another knee surgery to smooth out the back of my knee cap.  I had an x-ray done too, but my knee problem doesn't show up on x-rays but it does on MRI's...oh and I get Tylenol for basically I won't take anything for it since Tylenol doesn't touch the pain at all.  



Tracy.H said...

Sounds like the 'flip flop' dr has some issues of her own! Sorry to hear about your knee...not fun at all! Take care :0)