Friday, May 1, 2009


   I just h
ad to let you all know that our appointment for my middle child with the pediatric neurologist went really really well :D!  This doctor actually took me seriously, he listened to me, he was really glad I had the background I had with Early Childhood Education and boy did it feel REALLY GOOD.   This appointment is one of those initial consult appointments, then you get to figure out where to go from there once you have talked about what is going on for a long time!! So from that appointment my son needs an EEG done, also blood work (which we did yesterday), and he would like him to be on some meds that might help with some of the things that are going on with him.  
This doctor, would really like to help us out :o...WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS TIME!!! He would like to figure out what is going on, diagnose or give whatever is going on with my son a name so that when he goes to school in the fall he won't loose the services we have in place for him for September.   He would like to get the dr. (the one who kept contradicting herself) we saw last Thursday for a follow up appointment on the same page as he is...good luck is all I have to say to him. So now we have to wait to hear from his office to find out about the EEG, we are hoping it is sooner than later!!
He asked me if my son has any birthmarks, I told him no...not unless you consider this one over here! The doc
tor came over to see what I was talking about, when he saw it he said "OHHhhhhh!" I looked at him and said "OH?" He said oh this is blah, blah blah (big named item), and apparently this is a indicator to some sort of brain abnormalities. Great I thought, another thing to add to our repetoire...then I asked what kind of brain abnormalities are we talking about here?? He told me it sometimes causes pieces of the brain to be missing or to be mishapen...but he said he doesn't think that is the case...but am sure he will keep an eye on it.  However, you know how us mom's can be with things like this...yep you got it, we need to know everything about it and if we should be concerned etc. Lol, well I decided I am NOT looking it up online (don't want to scare/worry myself)  and that I will find out when the doctor wants me to know at our next appointment!! Good thing I mentioned about that birthmark, lol, sheesh...who knew eh??

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Tracy.H said...

Well, I am glad to hear that things went well and you finally got someone to take you seriously! That is interesting about the birthmark thing. I have never heard of that before. Definitely keep us updated. :0)