Monday, May 25, 2009

How's things

Just wanted to check in with everyone to see how you all are doing?? I know things are busy or busier, but what kinds of things do you do for "you" time???  Everyone healthy ( I hope)?  Hope you all are getting some good ol'quality "YOU" time in, if not please try to do so because it is essential or so I think anyways :)!

I also just wanted to stop by to give an update, well sort of...:p!  Everyone in my house is  healthy, by that I mean no illness (Shhhhhhhhhh *knocking on wood frantically*) and it is a rare occurrence since we have had so much illness in our house over the winter.  

~Ben (my dh), is busy with work and also is helping to build a wonderful church camp for kids/families to goto on the outskirts of Halifax. That is actually where he is now doing duct work/ventillation for the cabins, will be there probably until late since they are getting close to the deadline of the camp needing to be done.

~My oldest is excited about going into grade 2, going to a new school (the schools are split up, in one school you have primary to grade 1 and in the second it is grade 2-6). This is however going to change fall 2010, we are getting new elementary school that will house everyone in one spot and we will actually have a library (not a book mobile) plus a full sized gym. Not a gym/music combo room :p!   

~My middle one is doing okay, but could def. be better since the "trial" run of a med he is on is making him do things that he usually wouldn't do. He has absolutely no sense of danger right now, or sense of fear...we have to keep a close eye on him and he can't be left alone!  He disappears without telling anyone, he chases birds/butterflies without watching/paying attention as to what is around him (like a busy road).  We have also noticed new symptoms with him today, his tone of voice has changed (it has gotten nasalish) and he is hollering at us but he doesn't know he is doing it.  He is gritting his teeth, he is slowly not making a lot of eye contact...the list goes on and on!  We called the pediatric doctor who put him on this med, and she lowered the dose (can't stop this drug cold turkey I am told) but that doesn't help us with the safety issues.  
To be honest I am now worried to go anywhere with him, because I don't know what will catch his attention that will make him bolt...and I don't like this feeling at all!!!!  In the meantime we are told to "wait and see"...just love those words *not really*...
I also asked to have a "Case Meeting" with several of the people on our team, including the "flip flop" doctor in hopes that we can get all on the same page. I was told that the "flip flop" doctor's office will get back to me, if this dr. thought it would be something she wanted to be part of...

~ My dd is getting bigger, is getting more and more independent :)!  She let's you know when she wants something, if she doesn't like something or if she does...there isn't really any inbetween which can make things difficult. 
Today, for lunch my mom took us out to Swiss Chalet (I know what was I thinking...we don't go out to restaurants with our middle guy because it always ends in us leaving) and my dd freaked out about something behind where she was sitting. She screamed and was shaking, it was weird...we asked the waitress to remove a metal chicken that was there in hopes it was just that. NOPE, not that...the people who were behind us left so it wasn't that...she was absolutely terrified.  It was good food, but I left feeling sick to my stomach since the meal wasn't exactly peaceful or uneventful...

~Me, I am doing well actually...I am slightly stressed but it is no wonder I am!!  I have a bad left knee since High school, have had 2 knee surgeries and a lateral release done on it but am still suffering from knee pain.  I am going to my family doctor this week to get a referral to get an MRI plus X-ray done on it...also to put my family doctor's mind at ease that I am okay and not stressed like "flip flop" doctor seems to think I am.  Another story for another day!!

There ya go for now, will be back with 2 crafty projects I think :)!



Anita Hovey said...

Hey...won't YOUR Dr. see Ethan??? You've got to get away from "flip flop".

I totally get your feelings on the restaurant too...we've been there...although it has gotten a whole lot better.