Saturday, May 23, 2009

Movie Mingle

The other night, we (my crafty friends and I) decided to have another mingle and so Val thought of a GREAT idea for our mingle: We have to create a card (with stamping on it) that represents our favorite movie in someway.  Plus, apparently one get's bonus points if you use the stash that you have at home or something you have also NOT used before in your stash.

I thought that it is an AWESOME idea, but my problem is that I am quite a movie buffette (lol, tee hee had to change it) and I have A LOT of favorite movies :)! 

Val even gave us a link to help us out if we were having some difficulties creating something: 

So I have created a card, and am soooooo EXCITED about how it turned out but am not allowed to post it until I have mailed it out or when I think the person recieving my card has gotten it.  Which is hard to do when you are so excited :p!  I will be good though, and will create a second card in a few minutes to post.