Friday, May 1, 2009

random pictures

The other day when we had a gorgeous day, we were all outside playing and enjoying the really warm weather that we had.  I just happened to bring my camera out with me, I was sitting on the grass watching the kids play on the jungle gym .  I looked across the yard, and saw this which I thought was a great picture to have...dunno...there is something about it I like :D!

Here are some pictures that I took of my dd, she has figured out how to sit on a swing. Boy does she LOVE it :D!  

 I LOVE this shot I got of her, just have to figure out how to crop the picture in the shape of an oval.  Am a newbie when it comes to Photoshop elements :p! She was about to look up to give me a huge smile, but instead of getting the huge smile I got this picture.  

Thought it might be cute to take a picture of her from behind, in hopes to get her cute little braids I just did for her. I think they are too small to see, especially under that hat she is wearing :p!  But was so thrilled to know that I can now officially put braids in her!!  

Think she caught  me taking these pictures of her, and this time she wanted to have no part of she was running away to hide from me.  



mudmaven said...

Such a cutie! ~chris