Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Several weeks ago we had an appointment with a doctor I like to call "flip flop" (as she can't seem to stop contradicting herself), she told us that she would like to put our middle child on Prozac to help with his OCD (thoughts) and ADHD issues he has. I was not comfortable with doing so, just because I thought she was too perscription happy and I didn't know too much about OCD or ADHD or the drug she wanted him on.  She just told me I was just being anxious, lol...ummm, nope...try cautious!  

We then had an appointment with the ped's neurologist a week after our appointment with "flip flop".  He agreed we should try the drug with him, since he was seeing evidence of some issues going on there at our appointment. He also thought that if we did try it as a trial, it worked so well we might not have to have him on the gluten free diet. Anyways, we decided after much research that we would try it out as a trial basis!!  So on Friday (day4) of being on the meds, I had scheduled two playdates...one in the morning and one for the afternoon since my oldest child had no school that day.  My friends and I were so amazed with a HUGE difference we saw in him....here are some things that we noticed:

~He didn't wine
~he didn't have a meltdown
~he was calmer
~he seemed happier
~he said "Mommy, isn't it nice that I didn't scream at all today?" He seemed quite happy he hadn't screamed all day too....it felt good to him.
~we had NO, problems/complaints about anything with him on Friday

So yesterday, we had an appointment with "flip flop" to make sure that the meds were okay or if he was having any reactions to the meds.  But when I told the dr. that we had an awesome day on Friday, she started to cry...never made a doctor cry before :p!  She told me his blood test results came back fine, no issues there which is good...because that test ruled out him having Ceiliac disease. Then she told me she has to meet with one of her co-workers (who was also the other dr. who assessed Ethan with the Autism Assessment team), to discuss the video footage taken of our son at school in a social setting.  She told me that this other doctor didn't say anything about the video she saw, but that they were going to meet in the next couple of days...hoping it will be sooner than that.  This "flip flop" doctor also said that there IS something going on with our son, and we have to now move forward to figure out what it is (I was sitting there thinking, do I believe her or is she going to change her mind...plus, I was thinking it is about bloody well time you started to move forward!) 
Tonight, is the night we have to keep my son up as I told you before in a previous post...it is for an EEG....to rule out seizures (Petite mal) one's to be exact.  It will be an adventure I am sure tomorrow afternoon...but will keep you all posted as to how things go.  



Tracy.H said...

Well...it all sounds encouraging. In that you are finally being taken seriously and things are finally started to move forward. Keep us updated and the best of luck tomorrow!! :0)