Friday, May 29, 2009


  We goto the local library at least once a week, sadly our little library out by where we live has really weird hours of operation and it is hard to get there during those times they are open.  It is especially hard when you have a child who doesn't understand library ettiquette, or has Sensory issues and you don't know what might set them off.  Usually, I goto the library when my son is at Pre-school and I take my dd with to have some playtime there in their fun play areas :)!  I haven't really had a good library experience when we have her brother with us, we have tried everything from social stories to getting library books about going to the library to giving him jobs to do to distract him from whatever might bother him.  Nothing seems to help, until we got this ring ( a binder type ring) with pictures of each step of going to the library and there is only one picture on each "inchie".

Today, I had to goto the library out by where we live because I had 2 books that were on hold that I had to pick up before the holding date expired.   I sat down with both my dd and my son, went through the pictures with them and then we headed off out the door. As we were about to do each task on the ring, I would hold it up to show them what was going to happen next and then we would do it :)!  
When we got there to the library, I had the two of them hold my hands, then I asked my dd to get a basket (that is usually her job) and then off we went to the kids section to get some books and a few movies.  They both did well there, then we went over to the beginner readers section for my oldest whom was at school.  My dd even grabbed a few books off that shelf she though her older brother would like to read...or perhaps for him to read to her :p!  We then went over to the section that has the crafty books/mags, got several goodies there am sure the librarian who was there thought I was crazy or an addict or something leaving with 8 books/mags full of crafty goodness. 
We then walked over to the desk, where I handed the lady our basket, she scanned everything through and my dd put the basket back although she had problems putting it back...nearly ended up in the baskets herself.  We gathered up all our books/movies/mags in our bag, then the librarian told us that we were all good in the library tod
ay :) *I turned red*!  
When we got out into the van, got everyone buckled up in their seats I clapped and made a huge scene about how proud/happy I should have seen how happy they were.  

It might not seem like something to be excited about to you, but you know what it was a HUGE deal for us.   Even running an errand, going to get mail at our community box, or to go get one thing from the grocery store or going to get gas are things that we can't do without something causing our son problems.   Today, I am so HAPPY for him :)! 



mudmaven said...

Way to go! Sounds like you had a very good day today. ~chris

Tracy.H said...

I may not deal with the same issue you do...but as a parent I can totally appreciate that it was a good day for you!!It definitely helps Mommy out in the 'sane' department when all the kids cooperate and give you a good outing...sounds like things are starting to slowly improve. Big Hugs!! :0)

Yvonne said...

Those little cards on the key chain are great. They can focus on just one thing at a time rather than trying to remember everything they are supposed to say or do. Always great to have a positive experience!