Saturday, February 9, 2008

TY, Kim :)!

Last night, Kim showed up with a box of goodies that she wasn't using anymore or wasn't interested in using and she said take what you want. I must say it was great, I came away with:

~beautiful recycled paper

~some patterned paper

~stickers that look like leaves

~ink pads

~ a baggie of eyelets

~ a package of jigsaw alphabet letters

Lol, me being silly asked a silly question...I didn't know that each color can be taken off the base of the ink pad to be used seperately. I thought it was one of those spectrum ink pads, lol, I felt very silly after asking how would you ink your stamp up using one color...sigh. It was my first time seeing one of these ink pads, so that is my excuse and I am sticking with it as funny as it might be.

Thank you Kim for your goodies, I can't wait to use them :)!