Monday, February 4, 2008

30 years old, yesterday....

Yep, yep, yep, I am officially 30 years old and I just don't know how that's like I blinked and I was all of the sudden 30, lol! Going to take a bit to get used to this idea :P! For some reason I seem to be thinking a lot about my birthparents (yep, I am adopted...was adopted when I was 2 mos old) this birthday and I don't understand why more this bday than the others. I have met both bparents and their families, I have no contact with my bmom or her family ( I have contact with her brother) because I feel they are people I don't want around my family. I have contact with my bdad and with his family, we talk several times a month and send gifts to eachother's family for Bdays and Xmas ...we are close, it is like I have always known them.

Now time for my "Show and Tell" of gifts I recieved :), thought you might like to see the goodies :)! I got a full length mirror, a book about High spirited children (have one of those), and a gift card to Blockbuster from my parents :)! I got a gift card to "Carousel", some stamps from my brother, his wife and son...going to wait until after CHA for the new goodies to use my gift card. I got a sweater, some yummy meat spaghetti sauce, a Tim Horton's gift card which I am not using until they sort out their issues with their Cappucinno machine (their French Vanilla cap's are watery tasting and it doesn't seem to be getting better, I sent an e-mail to head office and they claim they fixed it...not true). I got 12 Copic Ciao markers from my mil (mother in law) and fil (father in law), boy was I excited, but they are still in the mail so I can't play with them now :(. Speaking of which how does one store those markers...on their sides or on end?? Hoping one of you can help me out with this question :)! I got a gift card to Michael's from my sil (sister in law), and a package of great recycled paper from my other sil (sister in law) :) which I can't wait to use :). From my Great Aunt, I got a donation into my stamping fund :p!

From Julie, (what a sweetie) I got 2 stamp sets and a tin to, one of her great cards she makes :)! I can't wait to use those stamp sets that she gave me :), will make something this afternoon or this evening, and post it once I get it made.

Have a great day :)!


Tracy.H said...

Sounds like a great bday!! Lots of yummy new toys to play with. ;0)

30 eh?? You are a young chick still...I am gonna be 38 this year...only another few years until 40!! Now that's something to freak out about! ;0)