Friday, February 15, 2008

Couldn't leave behind

The other day I thought I should go get my submissions to the PhotoMemories Design team call, before something happened to them. This was my first ever submission to a design team call, and no I didn't get on it. My friend Val did though, this design team will be together for 3 months and then they will have another design team call...dunno if I will submit something again or not.

While I was there picking up my submissions, I just happened to walk past these lovely stamps and I couldn't just leave them there...that would just be wrong. Lol, I am serious though...I couldn't let them I got them... it is part of a program Julie belongs to (HUP- Husband Unawareness Program):p!

Sorry, I haven't been a good diligent blogging gal lately...but I do have a good is called family, oh yeah and life. I will be posting a few things over the next couple of days though, my niece is 1 today, a neighbor up the street had hand surgery the other day and I need to make a thining of you card for another friend.


Julie Mutch said...


Apparently, you've forgot rule number 3 of the Husband Unawareness Program... please consult the rules and adhere to them for total program satisfaction! lol :)

1. Hide all purchases
2. Hide all receipts
3. Don't post purchases on your blog if you don't what said husband to see!

I hope these rules are a friendly reminder of how the program works to the best degree possible. Just remember, I know what I'm talking about...I'm the Queen of the Husband Unawareness Program! LOL :)


Tracy.H said...

Love those cupcakes! Who makes those? Can't wait to see what you make with them. :0)

I have been slacking with my blog entries, life and what not. :0)