Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What do you think of my new look??

The other day I decided that the blog template that I had was too much, by that I mean, it was hard to see pictures, it was dark, it was frustrating that the words would scroll but the picture didn't move. Anyways, to make a long story short I decided I would go with a classic blogger template and change the header to my, not that I know how to change the header to my blog.
So I started the search of a good picture to use for my blog header, couldn't find one that I really really liked and so I decided what the heck I could make one myself ...easy right?? WRONG!!!! I decided to take mandiannies advice and do something with coffee grounds (I am soooo not the one to play around with this idea), but I thought how hard could it be....sigh, guess who was disappointed by that outcome. Yep, I was...I thought to myself *you are sooooo crazy to think you can get the look you want, ditch this idea before you get an eye twitch* I also thought I could make my blog title out of coffee grounds...yep, wasn't going to happen and no I didn't try to do it either...just a pipe dream.
Next...I went back to my idea of trying to find a picture suitable for my blog online, I found one but then I had the issue of not having photoshop or any sort of fancy shmancy photo editing program. Nor was I going to sit here all day with my dials up service waiting for one to download, so I was left with using "Paint" program that came with my computer. I got the picture onto my "paint" programs screen, next to add my blog's title easy I call Julie in hopes she could help me, she recommended I wait for her dh to come home to help me.
I said this is silly...I CAN DO THIS!!! Lol, I went into the "paint" program and to my surprise I figured out how to get my blogs title on there without a big white box around it...and then I had to fool around with the font a bit. Here is what I was able to come up with...what do you think???
I want to thank all of you for sending me your thoughts, I do love flowers, but it has to be the right kind of cala lily's or water lily's. I was going to go for the Easter theme, but the template's I found weren't exactly my style...can't say I didn't try in all those categories. Thank you Mandiannie for your wonderful idea, it was a great idea too bad I am not a professional photographer I probably would have been able to get that perfect shot I was looking for.
I did mention something about blog candy didn't I, well...I would like to send out some blog candy to Mandiannie and so if you can send me your addy to that would be great. Thanks everyone...and have a great day :)!


Julie Mutch said...

Nice, new, clean look to your blog, Catherine, I like it! :)

The coffee beans make a cute banner and I like the pic on the right sidebar...humm...I wonder who made that nice pic? lol :)

Well, I'm off to tackle a card and then off to work...gotta support my stampin' habit, ya know! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words. I sent you a little something in the e-mail I sent with my address.