Friday, February 1, 2008

A card for a friend

I had to make a card for a friend, actually she is the mother of the two boys that are at our bu stop, she was having a hard time and was frustrated and so I felt she needed a little treat. Yesterday, I made peanut butter cookies (ok, I cheated and used Pilsbury but I had to cut them and cook them and of course taste them tee hee) and so I gave her a few of these. I decorated the ziplock baggie, like I have seen on some of your blogs with a top piece of cardstock stapled over the zipping part of the baggie and added a neat multi-layered flower to stick on the side of the bag. Julie would be happy that I layered something again, lol, she's the layering queen. Sorry was in a hurry and I didn't take a picture of this baggie...will re-do one later and show you. I do have a picture of the card I made though :)!! This is $1.49 stamp from another favorite stamping store I haunt, PhotoMemories, and I came out of there with 4-5 stampsets that were at a decent price. I also got some beautiful Valentine's day patterned paper, and 3 acrylic blocks of 3 different sizes :)! The little bird stamp is by Imaginisce, or they are called Snag'em stamps :), too cute eh?? The base of the card is from Box of cards 50 textured cards and envelopes from Michael's. I will post the pics of my purchases later on this afternoon for you to see :)!

Here is a little side note, the ribbon I used on this card, I got from Tracy H. in her card to me a few weeks this ribbon, love the color of it and everything :)! I also think that the scalloped circle is from Tracy, but from way back when I was a newbie to this CST group, bout time I used them eh? Thanks again Tracy...haven't had my coffee treat yet...going to wait until I have no kids with me :p!


Tracy.H said...

What a great card! Lovin' that little birdy.

Saving your Starbucks card for a kid-free day will make even that much more enjoyable! I know from past experience. ;0)