Monday, February 11, 2008

My second February CCE group #1 card

Here is my card for February CCE group #1, and it is my first bleached card attempt that I have done :)! I found the tutorial on how to do this technique on under resources, and once I realized how easy it was I got all my stuff together :)!

All you need is:

~ a Q-tip

~ some household bleach

~ some colored cardstock

~ a stamp

~ versamark ink

~ embossing powder

~ heating tool

~ small tipped paintbrush

Next, what you do is stamp your image on the color cardstock using your Versamark ink pad and then you use your embossing powder. Pour off any excess powder onto a sheet of paper, then if there is still some powder stuck on your cardstock around the image you don't want...I suggest you take your small tipped paintbrush and brush off any embossing powder that you don't want there. Then you take your heat tool, and emboss your image that you stamped onto your colored cardstock...once you have done that let it cool for a second. Next, take some household bleach onto your Q-tip and wipe it over top of your embossed will take the color out of your cardstock or lightens it...looks really neat. I would even suggest letting that dry for a minute or two, incase you put too much bleach in a spot or two!! There's your bleached stamped image that you can use to create pretty beautiful cards with, try it isn't hard at all :)!

Happy Stamping :)!


Corie said...

This is just so pretty