Friday, February 1, 2008

fleece knotted blankets

I posted an add on Kijiji Halifax, to perhaps sell a few of my knotted blankets that I make and to my surprise someone sent me an e-mail last night wanting me to make 2 (one for themselves and one for their 11 mos. old son). They are horse lovers, so I found some beautiful fleece material that had a horse pattern on it, and for the other fleece side I used navy blue. The first picture is of the horse pattern, to give you an idea of what the pattern looked like because in the other photo it is hard to tell. The second photo is of the blanket on my rocking chair in my kitchen, wanted to show part of the knotted section :)! Anyways, I found the material this morning, made the blankets this afternoon before I had to go get my son at the bus stop and got it into the mail for them. Hope they will like it and get lots of use out of them, and I am pretty happy with how they turned out :)!!


Tracy.H said...

That is so awesome! Good for you! :0)

Corie said...

WOW -- That is just gorgeous.