Monday, February 4, 2008

Check this Birthday gift from my dh

Okay, so my dh has been out working in the garage a lot lately and I thought he was working on finnishing the children's toy box he was making or doing whatever it is men do in their garages (tee hee, I am sure I will get comments now from the men in my life about what it is they exactly do in there). Anyways, my dh wasn't doing that...he was making my Birthday gift, everybody now..."AWWWWWWW!"

Lol, well he made me a ribbon holder for my drafting table and you say well wait a second didn't you just get some cool totes for your ribbon to be stored in?? Yep, that I did but am going to have to store something else in the totes now because I have to use what my dh made :)!! I can't explain what it looks like to you, because I wouldn't do it justice and I wouldn't explain it correctly. So here are 2 pictures for you to see what he made me, IT is great :)! It is about 2-2 1/2 feet long, and it is easy to load and unload your spools of ribbon...going to have to figure out what to do about those ribbons I have on those wooden spools from Michael's though because I would love for them to be in this box. This box was made from 2cm slats of wood, shaped, sanded, stained, hinges on the back, enough space for your ribbon to be hung down the front of the box and it has legs on it so it won't roll. WOW, is all I have to say!!

He also took me to see a movie yesterday, "27 dresses", it was okay but I was a little disappointed because it wasn't as good as what I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong I had a good laugh here and there, but I should have chosen to go see "Untraceable"!!


Tracy.H said...

Happy Birthday! This is awesome! Lucky you to have a hubby that makes sure beautiful stuff! Enjoy. :0)