Saturday, February 9, 2008

Frenchy's Etiquette (if there is any)

*Julie, you are going to laugh when you finnish reading this...oh my....the adventures I have* Okay, so first off for those of you who don't know what Frenchy's is (I know I have explained it to you before, but think I will do it again for those who might be new readers to my blog), it is a second hand clothing store. The clothes are in several large bins, they are sorted according to age, according to gender baby/boy/girl/men/ladies and they also are labled shirts/pants/blouses/skirts etc etc. I go to these places because I can come out with a huge garbage bag of clothes for my 2 boys and my dd, all for $20.oo or less...not bad eh?? As I have said before it is rare that I ever find things for me, but lately I have even been finding a few pairs of pants ( I am 6 feet tall, and long legged so it is hard to find pants for me to begin with but it is next to impossible at Frenchies). You will have to check a Frenchy's out if you are in Canada or are visiting Canada, even if it just be one never know what you are going to find.
Now that I have rambled on enough about that, on to my story or "adventure" :)! I went into a Frenchy's in Dartmouth this afternoon, just to find some jogging pants for my older son and some sweaters for my dh for work. They didn't have any jogging pants or sweatshirts, so I thought I would go see if they had anything for me (pants or shirts)...I found a pair of pants but they didn't fit right in some areas (don't worry I won't go any further than that). I put the pants in a bin where the "tried on clothes" go, and started over to the shirt section when I looked over to where they have coats and jackets are hung up. I see a really nice coat, a coat that I have sort of been eyeing in the stores, it looks like it is suede with what looks like a sheep coat on the edges and along the pockets. I start towards it, this older lady is standing there, she gets it off the rack, she looks at it, then flings it up over the rack where it was hanging. I think *Wooohooo, it's mine*, then I continue to watch her for a second...she takes two steps to the right moving on to the other coats. I walk over quickly, get the coat down to take a look at it to make sure there were no rips stains or the zipper doesn't work...meanwhile, the lady who put it down is standing there watching me intently almost glaring, almost saying "I had that, what are you doing with it?" I continue on, she still watching, the coat is fine, it fits nicely but I was wondering what it would look like on me and so I went off to the change room to try it on (in peace, without her gawking at me). The lady had me wonder if it was her coat (I checked as I was trying it on, lol, would feel pretty stupid if it was her coat...anyways) or if it was someone elses and that is why she put it back. I tried it on in front of a mirror, it looked great, I LOVED I went on to the lady's shirt bin to check out some shirts for me. Lol, the whole time I am doing this I am being watched by the lady...I am feeling awkward about it by this point. I think well, she put it down, it wasn't in her hands or basket it is fair game then. Anyways, I did get it in the end and am thrilled to pieces but am wondering if it was fair game...what the etiquette might be if there is any etiquette at Frenchy's?? What would you have done?? The only thing I have to do with the coat is have it dry cleaned, so it looks a bit better...


Lorie said...

Frenchy's or no Frenchy's she took her hands off it, threw it on the rack, and took a step or two away so it is yours! Good for you!