Monday, July 13, 2009

You know you are addicted to Stamping when....

So, I was doing some Blurffing tonight and I came across Iheartart blog which had this posted on it...just had to share it with all of my crafty people who read my blog *am hoping I still have some readers :P*.


” you are eating your zuchinni, onion and pesto fritatta that you just made and thinking: *these colors are SO pretty, they would make really nice DP!!!* YIKES!!!”

“it’s a beautiful sunny hot day – and instead of going outside and enjoying the weather – you check out the daily challenge and run up to your stamping room to make a card!”

“you prefer buying stamping related stuff than clothes”- GUILTY as charged!

“You realize you no longer have a guest room, in fact it’s become a rubber room.”

“you are at the gym and take off your bra to put on your bathing suit and a PRIMA is stuck to your Bosom!!”

“There’s glitter in the washing machine.”

“You drive hours to go to a new craft store.”

“your ‘manicure’ consists of black ink, FabriTac and glitter.”

“you stalk the employees as they restock the stamping aisle.”

“you would rather give up Chocolate for Lent, than give up stamping.”- for all my fellow Catholics

when you “keep an envelope in your purse with cardstock color chips just in case you see a SS when you are traveling, or just going to Wal-Mart for groceries.”- I DO THIS ALL THE TIME

when “your husband sends you a link to a stamping blog that he ran across when doing research at work! What on earth was he researching!?!?!?!”

“Vacations are planned around class schedules at a stamp store two states away.”

“When going on vacation you scope out where all the local Scrap/Stamp store are and make hubby take you to each one.”

“You can’t invite friends over due to the embarrassment of all of your rubber room stuff overflowing into every room of your house.”

“When your boss asks you if you have an extra stamp in your purse and you don’t know why he would want one. But you ask “what kind” and he says “Um, a postage stamp” Oh yeah there are other kinds!”- In this case CHRIS would be “my boss”!

“you update your artwork blog more than your family blog!”- GUILTY


Inky Hugs,


Melanie said...

Oh it's so true!