Friday, July 10, 2009

Broken Flip flop story

*Sniff, Sniff*! The other night my dh came into our living room and asked me if we had any sandwhich meats down in our freezer, I told him not unless he bought some. I then told him that if he wanted me to go grocery shopping that I would go, not really actually wanting to go that night but I knew he needed meats for a sandwhich for work the next day. So, off I went child free (which is nice) to get groceries but then when I got into the van I realized I forgot my reusable grocery bags. I run back into the house and got them, see I am forever forgetting them and I didn't want to pay 5 cents for about 4-5 plastic bags.

I get there to the grocery store, all is well so far...I go inside and got about a cart full when trouble snuck up on me and nabbed my flip flop and broke it. Okay, so it wasn't actually trouble who broke my flip was the fact they were getting kind of old and I did know I needed a new pair. Now, I am stuck there with half an order of groceries with a broken strap of my flip flop (they sort of look like the one's above), and I don't have anything with me to fix it until I get home. So there I am walking funny to get the rest of my groceries, kind of like a slide/drag...nearly decided to take them off to do the rest in my bare feet but I thought they would kick me out. What would you do in my situation???
I then remembered about the cheap sandals one can get in the clothing section, I shuffle over to the aisle and found a great new pair for $ off I scooted awkwardly to the cash to pay for my order and to get the new pair of flip flops on my feet. I was kind of sad though about the pair that broke, because they were my favorite pair...
Will have some crafty things posted for you in the next couple of days, sorry I haven't been here posting as often as I would have liked to be but have been busy with taking my oldest son to DVBS. So will be back!

Inky Hugs,