Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cool Space card for my Nephew

My Nephew Gideon turned 5 the other day, but we had a bday party with all his cousins and a few friends at Nana and Poppy's house. Anyways, the theme was "Space" and so I just HAD to create a really neat card for that he could play with later too :)! So here is what I came up with, but I am thinking one needs a bit stronger magnets for it to really work.

So I stamped out, colored a rocket and then I used my glass finish stuff to make the rocket look cool and shiney. Then I attached a small round magnet to it using some glue, while I waited for it to dry I made the rest of the card. once I stamped out all the stars, I felt it needed a neat looking planet to sort of pop off the page like the rocket but still be stationary. I used dimensionals on the back of the planet, once I got it cut out and colored in :)! Now, once I got the card made, I added a second magnet to the inside of the card so that you can "slide" your rocket all over the card (carefully) so I didn't have to use a slider kind of card.

Here is a different angle of the card, so you can see how the planet and rocket sort of pop off the page...I am happy with how this card out and so was my nephew :)! Just have to find better magnets :p!

Inky Hugs,