Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hair crisis

See, I thought my children were in good hands with my dh while I went grocery shopping last Wednesday night...I had a shock of a life time when I got home. I got home, started unloading the groceries when my dh came out to tell me that something happened while I was out...thinking someone got hurt I asked what happened. He said no one got hurt, but that E* (our middle guy) wanted to see his sisters ears and from past pictures you knew that she had about shoulder length hair. Well, he called her out to see me...there she stood with a Mullet, if you don't know what a Mullet is it is a hairstyle that consists of short hair on the sides and long in the back! Then it hit me, SHE'S IN MY SISTER'S WEDDING PARTY IN 3 WEEKS...that is when I lost it...

Then I had to leave to get the rest of my groceries in, there were no words to describe how I felt...I couldn't believe what happened...and my dh and my middle guy were in serious trouble.
I told my dh that if a hairstylist couldn't fix her hair that he will be the flower girl and wear her dress!! He told me it is okay, that it will grow back in time and that the hairstylist could fix it...little does he know...
I called the hairstylist at a cool new children's/teen hair cutting place called Beaners, asked if they could help me out...but no one called me back. I went to bed so upset!
The next morning I dropped E* at school, took my oldest over to Julie's house for a playdate while I went to get the hair fixed.
As soon as we got there to Beaners, the hairstylist said oh boy did he ever do a job on her hair...I don't know if I can do much for you but let's see what can be done. We put M* up in a flashy pink ride on motorcycle chair, while the hairstylist took a lo
ok to see what she could do...then she says "wow he even did the back!" I looked at her, asked her to repeat herself because I could have sworn she said he did the back of her hair too...sadly that IS what she said. He took 1 chunk of 2 inches off the middle of the back of her hair, luckily it wasn't too far up the back of the head and all we had to do was bring the bottom of her hair up to match where he cut up to. The hairstylist said she could do her bangs, that the sides she couldn't do anything with...but on a good note at least Mullet's are all the rage, lol, I looked at her and said "On a two and a half year old?"

So now here is what we have to work with for my sister's wedding...and yes I do know that one pigtail is 2 inches shorter than the other one. We will have to figure something out, although I was looking forward to seeing my dh wear her dress and be a flower girl :p!

Here is my dd and her dress...this was a month before this hair trauma occured.

Inky Hugs,


FoundProdigalDaughter said...

oh gosh, well it will make for good stories in years to come...

Reminds me of stories I've heard of my own childhood hair trauma incident. My parents left for whatever reason and left my sisters in charge. I was about 3ish (totally guessing, I don't remember). When Mom got home I no longer had bangs. Apparently I got my hands on a pair of scissors and had totally chopped off my bangs. Needless to say Mom was not impressed with me or my sisters. She always disliked no bangs on most females in the family as we tend to have quite high foreheads. Bangs were always suppose to be eyebrow length according to her.

I have no recollection of the event, but I still get to hear about it. And now even Mom can laugh about it...I think.

Anyway, I know that probably doesn't help much but just wanted to know you aren't alone in the children cutting hair department or feelings as a mother.

I think your daughter looks adorable regardless. :)