Monday, July 13, 2009

Gift for my brother and sister inlaw for their Bdays

I found this great wooden picture cube that can spin around at Michael's and thought that it would be a great bday give for my Brother and his wife for their Bday, I am also on a mission to find something else for them. I altered this cube, this isn't how it came so you could alter it or leave it be I suppose.

I then found some gorgeous paper to use for the lid of the cube, and then found some other paper for the sides. Lol, then I realized that the sides were going to be a whole lot harder to do than I thought. Plus, I am a newbie at this altering other things...and am in serious need of a lesson or two from my local altering queen Julie.
So since the sides were harder to do than I thought, I thought I would make it easier :p! I got out my tole paints, then painted the sides of the photo cube...then I put a layer of "Hodge Podge" over what I had painted. Turned out really nice :)!

Inky Hugs,


Julie Mutch said...

Hi Catherine,

I think you did a great job and I know they'll love your photo cube gift! :) Gorgeous paper!

I know what you mean, I love altering things, but I tend to shy away from curved edges and go with flat ones inside when I can. Just keep practicing on different things and have fun with it.

Yard sales or clearance tables are a great place to get different pieces, since sometimes they're beat up a bit, but since you're going to alter it anyway, it doesn't matter and you can get it at a really good price.

Talk to ya soon!