Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun at my parents cottage

My 3 children and I went down for 4 days to my parents cottage, which is about 3 hours away and sadly my dh couldn't come with. See the options were either:

a) he comes with us to the cottage and not come to my sisters wedding, which is a 7 hour ferry ride and 9 hour car trip later.

b) he can come to my sisters wedding, and not goto the cottage with us!

So since I knew I would seriously need him at
my sisters wedding, I opted for him to stay home while we went to my parents cottage for the 4 days.
The first picture is of my dad holding my dd, as we first arrived and decided that we needed to go for a walk after our 3 hour car trip down to their cottage.

Here is E* at the playground, on the teeter totter which he just fell in LOVE with as soon as he saw it...even though
he hasn't been on one before and had to be on every single time we walked by the playground or saw the playground.

My dd and her new hairstyle :( *sniff, sniff* wearing the BEST rain suit from Mountian Equipment Co-op. You can let your child play in puddles, even sit in them and they will be BONE dry when you get them inside to change them. I LOVE THIS SUIT :)!

My dad with my dd on the adult swing set at the playground, the swings on this set are too high off the ground for the kids to sit on or to even try to get onto to swing. My dad really had fun with the kids I think...he was always busy with work and we hardly saw him. Since he had his heart attack almost 2 years ago, he has been able to spend more time with the
kids and he just retired :).

This is one side of the beach we are staying at, amazing isn't it even in the fog :)!

E* sitting on a bench along the shore :)!

E* and my dd M* sitting on the bench

"Common' Momma!" she's saying to me so I will hurry up to goto the playground to meet our friends there.

Finally, off to the playground...

My handsome oldest fella...not biased or anything :p!
that is it for now, don't want bore you with my 100 or so other photos of our trip to the cottage...

Inky Hugs,