Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who said you couldn't use Nature to self soothe??

Here is my middle guy, trying to self soothe himself by cramming as much as he can between 3 big boulders at the beach. Poor guy, felt a little over stimulated this weekend at my parents cottage I think and so he had a hard time with all the changes:

~daddy wasn't with us
~new place
~new people
~new smells
~new sounds
~new bed
~new food

Now on to more pictures for you to enjoy from our time at my parents cottage :).

Inky Hugs,


FoundProdigalDaughter said...

That is a lot of changes to get used to for some people who are highly sensitive...I know I'd feel overloaded with it too. Probably not to the same extent but enough that it might make things a little extra challenging for me.