Monday, November 2, 2009


My middle guy was out sick all last week from school, he had a flu which I am sure was H1N1 just because there are several confirmed cases in his school. There were over 94 kids out of the school last week alone, thinking that the numbers have increased because there were only 5 kids on the school bus today. He is now well, back at school but I am leary about sending him back to perhaps only get sick again!

Last night, my oldest who's picture is above has come down with : a fever, a sore throat (you should see his tonsils they are HUGE) and also a cough. He is now home for the week, getting him checked out at our doctor's this afternoon...making sure it isn't strep throat!
My dd and I are heading to get her vaccinated, my mom is staying home with the boys so I can get in the LONG line at the local clinic this hoping my crutches and I will get through the line faster :p. One good thing about my knee surgery!
My knee is doing better, still using one crutch (will be using two this afternoon when I take my dd in) and am doing my exercises they gave me and I have my follow up appointment on Thursday to get my stitches out. Still can't straighten my knee yet, and my leg is very swollen :(!
I also have cancelled my meeting with the teachers for parent teacher night at school, if they want me I told them they can call me where I don't have to be on my leg too much...don't want to be in the school for long where there are confirmed cases of H1N1. Lol

Inky Hugs,


Tracy.H said...

This is gonna be a nasty year for all I think! My oldest is getting something...keeping her home tomorrow...she has a fever and bit of a cough. And I am not feeling well today either...sore throat, headache and acky through my shoulders and neck. Take care out there and hope everyone gets healthy soon! :0)

FoundProdigalDaughter said...

I hope all of you are feeling back to your regular selves soon. Only 5 kids on the schoolbus? Wow, crazy!