Friday, November 27, 2009

School Board meeting

Well, I am sure you are all anxious in finding out how our presentation to the School board went the other night :)! We were originally given 5 minutes to do our presentation, but they decided right there before we went up that they would give us 10 minutes and in the end we had 30 minutes. They kept asking questions, commending us one by one, shaking their head at the state of how things are, we kept answering questions and asking questions ourselves. Then they asked if we had something else to add, I told them I did and here is what I said:

" I would like to challenge the board to go out into the schools, to go out into the communities to talk to the families at all the schools in HRM and the staff at the schools. Making sure the staff know that they will not be reprimanded for telling the School board how things are! You really have to LISTEN, you will hear some pretty heart wrenching stories but these are the stories you need to hear. They will tell you if you ask, but go out and get to know these will have your eyes opened."
To that they told me it is impossible to get out to all the schools in a short time, but that I was right in that they HAVE to get out into the community and talk with the families/Staff or how will they know what is going on. They told us we have to take this to the government next, so the next morning I wrote all the MLA's in our Province and they are one by one writing me back telling me they support us :)!
Check out our FB page called "Choice Words", would love if you could be part of it too :)!

Inky Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Great job... I am guessing that you are not from the US - special Ed is heavily funded here

Tracy.H said...

I am so happy that things went well for you! It sounds like you have opened up some ears and eyes to the issue. Hopefully you will see some things happen for the better soon!! With the reaction you got, I know it will encourage you to go forward as far as you need to go! Big Hugs! :0)