Sunday, November 8, 2009

My dh and a project he did for me

So awhile ago I put in a request for my handy dandy dh to make me a light tent, as he saw me wandering all over my house to take the perfect card picture as well as using sheets and paper etc. Well, yesterday since I came down with this not fun flu bug he finally finished the tent part and now he is working on the lighting for it :)! I was shocked when he came into my bedroom where I am stuck pretty much to show me what he had made me, I was wowed by how big it was. I didn't realize he was making a BIG one, but that is okay no complaints here except where to store the thing :p! Any lighting ideas??

Sorry still no crafty things from me, but thought my dh's project might help with something for you all to check out. I am feeling better, I have no fever since yesterday early afternoon and no headache either but I do have this cough and am very stuffed up. Both my poor parents who were out here helping me recover/looking after us all during my knee surgery etc. are now both sick :(! Am trying to work on bending my knee more and more as I am lying in bed, am now not using crutches am walking the best I can for now.
The one thing that surprised me was having the flu, you know how you hurt everywhere?? Well, this is super weird, well I hurt MORE in my leg/knee where I had my knee surgery than anywhere else which made it difficult for me to get up when I had to. I am however, thinking my antibiotics for my knee has helped me recover faster!
While I am here I thought I would add my 2 cents for what I think about the H1N1 shot, my dd had it Monday but on Tuesday she woke up with a BAD headache and a high fever and had flu like symptoms. They tell us that the vaccination won't cause one to get it, oh yeah ours in Canada does have Mercury in it same with several other vaccinations which we have been told they don't. Anyways, Friday is when my dd had to be rushed in to the children's hospital to get checked out as she had the same symptoms as she did the day after her shots but worse in the sense that she now had a cough and found it hard to breath. So many people I know are having effects from having the needles, to only get sick with the H1N1 a few days later. Hind sight is everything, if I knew my dd was going to get the H1N1 I don't think I would have gotten her the needles. Plus, the H1N1 vaccination takes 2 weeks to kick in that time you too can get the H1N1...crazy eh? I am sure I am not the only one who is confused and felt like we are left in the dark about this vaccination...

Inky Hugs,


Tracy.H said...

Sorry to hear that you are sick! I am so sick of even hearing about H1N1 at this point. We have not had any shots here yet...still not sure we will or confusing. You all take care. :0)

Oh...and hubby should start selling those light tents!! :0)