Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day gifts

This year my dh got me about 1 lb or so of fudge (mint chocolate swirl), and we also kind of decided to keep it low key this year. So, on that note I wanted to make a cute little box I saw on Katharina's blog and I got some Cadbury eggs to put in it for us to enjoy together later :)!  About to make another Valentine's bag I found over on  Running with Scissors blog and it is such a beautiful bag.  So try your hand at making one of these boxes or bags :)! 

Here is the box from the side, I put holes in the box using my Crop-a-dile. Then I fed the pink ribbon through, am glad with how this box turned out.  This is attempt #1 with this box, usually it takes 2-3 attempts before I get it right. I think next time I will use patterned paper instead of plain cardstock :)!