Saturday, February 28, 2009

crafty afternoon

I was asked to make one of my necklaces and bracelets for an Auction that my son's preschool is holding, so here is the first piece I made specifically for this auction. I LOVE it, and it sits just perfectly on your neck...everything on this necklace is Jolee's Jewels, which you can pick up from Michael's. Gorgeous pendant (think that is what you call it) eh??  This auction is to raise money for this very special preschool who does amazing work with these children, and every staff member is great too.

Then I also found this other pendant on a rack as I was on my way to the cash, and thought I would really like that pendant on one of my necklaces.  Here is the pendant up close, isn't it beautiful?? 

Then here is the whole necklace, but I am not quite done it because it is missing it's beads on the ends that will be on the back of your neck. If that makes any sense at all, lol :)!  Just need to find the right beads for the ends, then I will be done this necklace :).  I will also be making another necklace like the one that is being auctioned off, but a tad different...will post the picture of it later.



Anita Hovey said...

I love the blue one...I'll be bidding on it!

Tracy.H said...

These turned out beautiful! Good luck with the auction. :0)

Deborah March said...

Beautifully done young'un!

Diana Jiron Graff said...

Very beautiful Catherine, and very kind of you to donated it to the school ;)

Live it - Scrap it! said...

These are fantastic, love the design/ Nilla