Friday, February 27, 2009

Second attempt at card

Here is my second attempt at this card, am much happier with this card...I think :p!  I LOVE that flower stamp :), okay I will stop talking about that butterfly flower stamp now before I make Julie mad.  

I now have to go off and make another card for a challenge my local crafty gals have issued us, the challenge is to make a card using :

~New stamp
~New paper
~New ribbon
~New Embellishments
~New bling 

so I think you got it now, the key word being NEW :D!  We are doing a card swap of our cards with the gals that usually come to our crafty nights out.  If we wanted to post our cards we could for this swap or let them be a surprise...I haven't decided yet!!  Have a super crafty day :D!!



Deborah March said...

I like this one better too, altough they're BOTH pretty!