Monday, February 23, 2009

sorry for lack of posts

I just wanted to come and apologize for the lack of posts lately, I started the New Year off to a great start of almost posting a new creation a day and then life happened. I am planning on trying to do a card a day again, starting today but before I do I just thought I would share with you what has been going.

Well, I was tired of just "waiting and seeing" in terms of what is going on with our middle son but I just didn't know what to do or who to turn to for help. I met a lady who had her son diagnosed by a pediatric doctor up in Moncton, she just raved about this doctor and she gave me his office number so I could call him.  I called, I talked to the secretary, got an appointment 2 weeks later to see this highly recommended doctor....boy was I impressed with the how fast it was to get an appointment to see this doctor.  
We decided to take our son off his gluten free diet a week before the appointment, and let me tell you it was a hard decision to make!!  We had taken our son in to our other appointments on the diet, but felt it might be time to take him off the diet so that the doctor's could see what exactly we were dealing with here and hopefully get answers.  Also, these doctor's really don't like the diet and for the most part they don't feel that food could cause behavioral reactions to food...umm...then what the heck is being drunk??
So we had our appointment this past Wednesday morning, our son was his usual off the diet that I mean:
~rubbing his face on the floor 
~rubbing his face on the wall
~touching everything he could in the office
~opening the cabinets

but he also did something new, which was while sitting on my hubby's shoulders (or in his arms) would hang upside down and he spent most of the appointment wanting to be upside down.  I was so glad that this doctor was seeing this!! He told us that our son was a very healthy boy, but he was VERY concerned about what he was seeing and what he was hearing from us...he wouldn't say he had Autism but he also wouldn't say he didn't have it either.  He has referred us to a Pediatric neurologist to get an EEG done, as well as a battery of other tests done...and he also told us that he would help us out any way he can.
I was thrilled with this doctor, glad that we got an advocate on our side that is willing to help us get our son/family help.  However, after a few days of being home I got to thinking (bad thing to do sometimes) that this could be worse than we thought but we are just waiting to see what these tests say. Honestly, I was hoping that this appointment we would get some sort of diagnosis and we would be able to educate ourselves the best we could to help our in that sense it was hard to come away with not getting that kind of help just yet.
Will keep you posted as thing progress here, and let you know when our neurologist appointment is :)!



mudmaven said...

I think you are going in the right direction - tests can be helpful. Did you tell the dr. about how he responds to the diet changes? ~chris

Diana Jiron Graff said...

Best of luck to you Catherine, I am sure all this will get resolved now that you have been sent to see the Pediatric neurologist, you will see by this time next year this will be a distant memory and Ethan will be getting the help he needs.
Diego would love to see him and Isaak again, he hasn't stopped talking about their last playdate ;) * Hugs *