Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am 31 today :)!

 Yep, I turned 31 today :o *gasp* I know...shocker :p!  I didn't mention it this morning, because things just didn't start out well...I woke up to  "Honey, can you please come here and clean up your dd because she threw up in her bed (plus, everywhere else?"  So I had to give the poor girl 4 baths (might have to give her another one later), just to get her totally cleaned up...and when he said it was everywhere it was.  It was in her ears, in her nose, in her hair...poor thing...was so upset too, I think it scared her more than anything :(!  All the schools were cancelled today all over the province, I decided I would keep my middle son home from school today too because of the snow storm.  So when I decided that, it meant my bday stamping errands (tee hee, hubby unawareness program) were Kaboshed for today and we just stayed home keeping safe and warm. I would have to say that the start to being 31 wasn't good...but the good news is that we are all safe at home and I am going out Thursday night with some of my friends to celebrate.  Sadly, Julie won't be able to join us because she and her girls are all fighting colds/flus :(! 

You are probably wondering what I got, well...I got my family gifts last week at a joint family bday party at my parents house and here are some of the things I got:

~Michael's gift card
~Chapters bookstore gift card (one from my brother and family...plus I got one today from my sister in law)
~Visa gift card
~some donations to the stamping fund 
~a crafty 
bag that I posted a week ago

Now for what my dh is getting me :)!  He is getting me a score-pal, and he is making me a photo tent...how cool is that????  I have been using whatever I had at the time, like:

~pieces of computer printer paper

Can't wait to have the photo tent :)! That means I will have to take a photography course then :p! Well, thanks for stopping by...and sorry this post sounded kinda sad but things are good :)!



Sharon Caudle said...

YAY!!! Happy Birthday! Hope it finishes up on a better note than it began! Enjoy all your presents and that photo box!!!

Julie Mutch said...

Happy Birthday, Catherine!

I'm so sad to have to miss our night out on Thursday, too! Believe me, I'd sooooo rather be there than in the mess I'm in right now with my girls' flu! :( Hopefully we'll all be better soon, so we can get together again.

Have fun shopping and can't wait to see what you get! :)