Monday, February 22, 2010

crafty night project for the night

Kim was supposed to do this months craft nights project, but she hasn't been feeling well so she sent all her supplies etc. with Val for her to teach. We created this neat project, was actually one that I have been eying for awhile but didn't try since I thought it was more difficult than it! That's one thing I LOVE about crafty night, we do projects that I usually probably wouldn't try and it get's you out of your comfort zones too which is a nice change.

Before I show you the inside picture of this gorgeous project, I have to warn you that I am no seamstress (just ask the gals who were there last night how much trouble I had with the sewing machine) so keep this in mind. My dh is actually the tailor when it comes to the sewing machine, he has made several projects and yes he did grumble a bit when I showed him my sewing I did on our project. Thank you very much for the fun night gals, and yummy treats too...looking forward to the next one

Inky Hugs,


Tracy.H said...

This turned out great!! I have been wanting to try one of those too. ;0)

FoundProdigalDaughter said...

that's so cute, love it and I think it turned out great!