Monday, March 24, 2008


I decided that I would ditch the challenge for my blog candy, since I haven't really heard from anyone except from Julie...but that was by telephone, lol. So I threw the challenges out, and am just offering up blog candy. Leave a comment and I will draw a number on the 26th using the generator, will let you know who won.
Hey Julie, I will be getting you a little something for your idea for one of my challenges...thanks :)!

Happy Stamping :)!


CAKVD said...

I was thinking about the challenge, but I got too busy with Easter obligations. Thanks for opening up the candy without the challenge!!!!
Cheryl KVD

Melissas said...

Sorry nobody took up the challenges! I had them on my to-do list, waiting for time :) Thanks for sharing.

dannette said...

Great Blog,You have some really cute ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!

Kim said... candy! Count me in! lol....I love the idea of having a challenge weekly! I will do my best to get a card done with this weeks sketch! Great idea!!!

Annapurna said...

Leave a comment here? There is so much in blogland we get lost. So don't worry about people not responding to your challenge.

Count me in.

Debby Winters said...

HI there! Just found your blog. I love your Banner! How very creative!

debbiedee said...

I would have loved to do the challenge, but I am so busy getting ready for a scrapbook crop I host in a couple of weeks. I have around 6o women coming. Please enter me for this though and maybe I can get in on the challenge next time. Ü

Julie Mutch said...

LOL Yes, you're right, I gave you my idea over the phone of the "Cuppa Challenge" for the name. But, I meant to do up a card and than I totally forgot with all the excitement of Easter and trying to get things ready, I guess. Oh well, that's my excuse and I'm stickin' with it! lol :)

Thanks, Catherine. I'll try to work on your challenge soon! The next month and a half is gonna be busy, though, with working the two's seriously gonna cramp my crafty time!

I'll chat with ya soon! :)


Mandiannie said...

I've fallen behind in my blog reading and just now saw the post about the challenge. With Easter and everything it's been pretty time consuming. Anyway, I'm still here and still reading.
Hope you have a great day.

Anita said...

Put me if for your blog candy! Thanks for the opp!