Saturday, March 1, 2008

A card on a snowy day

I was trying to make another card to go with the first card I made for the girl's night out at Julie's tonight...but it didn't work out that way lol. Instead I made a card with a bit of an Asian feel to it, and I also wanted to use "A Little Bit of Happiness" stamp set that I just got the other day. What fun this card was to make :D...and just for the record I LOVVVVVEEEEEE SU's watercolor crayons, because they are the BEST :)! Not to worry though, I am going to get right down to business here and get another card done for tonight...then I have to start getting my crafty gear together.

I was having some trouble trying to figure out how I was going to use "A Little Bit of Happiness" on a card, I went onto SCS but they didn't even have a category for this stamp set yet. I dunno if I am brave enough to start one for it :p..had enough computer issues to do me for awhile :p!

Here is what I used to make this card:


~Blue cardstock that I got from Kim

~Brown weave cardstock from Carousel

~ White flat cardstock from Carousel


~Stayzon Brown ink

~Brilliance Black ink

~ SU "Embrace Life" stamp set

~ SU "A Little Bit of Happiness" stamp set


~ SU watercolor crayons Soft Subtles (highly recommend getting these)

~SU white gel pen

~Photo stickers


beate said...

Lovely card!
Thanks for changing the settings so I can post.
Hugs and smiles

Anita Hovey said...


The gallery is under "L"...

There's no stopping you now!