Friday, March 14, 2008

Archival ink pads by Ranger

As some of you know I have been wanting to know which inks one can use to stamp images onto fabrics, and I thank all of you who sent me comments or e-mails with links to different sites for this topic. The other day I was at Michael's and I picked up some fabric markers, but when I tried them on the fabric I didn't get a crisp image. Plus, the whole image that I stamped didn't all show up..only parts of the stamped image showed up...make sense?? Lucky for me, Spray and Wash (my all time favorite stain remover) removed any signs of this image on the fabric...didn't stain at all :)!
Second attempt, I stamped the image using "Archival ink pad" (Black) by Ranger (which I got from Michael's, it has a monk looking guy writing on parchment paper with a feather plume coming out the side of his shoulder...clear as mud eh?). This I was told would run, would bleed, wouldn't work...well, to my absolute delight it did work :)! I stamped the image onto the fabric, then ran down to my dryer, threw it into the drier for a half an hour to let the ink set...then I put it into the wash. The image did fade a little bit, but not something worth getting upset just looks like it came this way from the factory (hard to explain)!!! I am thrilled to pieces and thought I should pass this info on to everyone here :)! I can't post the things I stamped yet, because my dear sister in law likes to read my you will have to wait (sorry) until Thursday or Friday after the shower we are having for her.

Happy stamping, and I will have something to post later for you to enjoy :)!