Sunday, May 25, 2008

this was too funny


Yesterday morning we tried to vacuum our house, well our dd wouldn't let us vacuum unless she was involved. Which meant that she had to be holding the vacuum here is what my dh came up with to get the kitchen vacuumed and boy was it funny. I couldn't stop laughing, because this is how he vacuumed pretty much the whole house...with our dd in his hands like this and him steering it all. I had to share it these pictures with you all :)!
I have made a card for a challenge that Louise has given us for our next SU night, which is tomorrow night and it was to goto one of our friends blog and case one of their cards. So, I can't share this card with you until Tuesday morning...

Hope all is well with you :)!


Tracy.H said...

Too cute!! :0)

Anonymous said...

Was catching up on blog reading and saw this. Too Funny and too cute! I had to leave a comment telling you that you brought a smile to my face today with those pictures!