Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to you all :)!! Wow, what a busy mother's day we had here in my started out with a yummy church breakfast at our church, then the churhc bought all the mom's a flower (Carnation). Then we went out for a buffet at Oak Island Inn with all of my dh's extended family, what a fun time we had, the food was great and all the children were well behaved too.

While I am here telling you about Mother's Day, I have to tell you that I made my mil (mother in law) the same thing as I made my mom for Mother's day and she just loved it. I got a placemat with a picture of a Strawberry on it, from my son...he made it at school, I think he might have been learning about abstract art. I will post a picture of it later for you to see, I am sure Beate could use it for her Inspired Challenge, lol :)! My dh, got me a nice card (really was hoping he'd make one) and he bought me 12 of the Touch markers..they are exactly like the Copic markers but CHEAPER :)! Okay, so I did buy the markers for him to give to me...but they are beautiful markers, recommend checking them out :)!

Here is the card I made for my dh's grandmother for Mother's day, it went along with a bunch of flowers and plants in a woven basket.

Hope all of you had a wonderful Mother's Day :)!