Tuesday, March 2, 2010

haircut for my dd

This past summer, my dd let my middle guy cut her hair because he wanted to see her ears and sadly he forgot she was the flower girl in my sisters wedding several weeks later. Anyways, she had a mullet looking hairdo for the longest time but yesterday we were able to go to the hairdresser to level things out. Well, my dd was unsure of this hairdresser or this idea of getting her hair done until the hairdresser told her she was going to get a "Dora" hairdo. That was it, enough said my dd was SOLD! Here is a picture of her with her new hairdo, and with my new watermark...let me know what you think of my watermark?? Oh yeah I also changed my blog's background too...lol! Guess I was getting into "spring blog cleaning" mode and wanted change, so this is what I did :)!

Inky Hugs,


Tracy.H said...

Love the new Dora doo!!! :0)

Yvonne said...

She look cute with her new do!

Check yours and Julies blog to keep up with everyone. How's the knee?

Take Care.