Thursday, March 11, 2010

sorry I haven't posted anything in a bit

I have been looking after 2 children after school now for the past 2 years now, and have taken on 2 more children in the afternoons after school. Yes, that is plus my 3 and no I am not crazy. They all get along, all goto the same school and are all good friends so it makes it easier :)!  

I also have been busy with getting ready for a meeting with the right hand guy to the Education Minister in Nova Scotia and a few of the school board members as well tomorrow morning. We are going to present our case about getting more support services for ALL children with Special Needs and Learning disabilities in Nova Scotia in ALL schools. Will let you know how that goes tomorrow afternoon, fingers crossed this isn't a "let's meet you to keep you quiet" kind of meeting!
I will be doing more crafting in the next couple of weeks, but thought I should update you on why I have been absent. 

Inky Hugs,