Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How are you all doing?? No, really...how is everyone doing??

Welcome to something new here on my blog...something that I hope will take off, but only time will tell I suppose :)! First requirement, go get yourself a hot drink...coffee, tea, espresso, chai, hotchocolate or some beverage you like to have when having a break. Lol, I am on my second cup of French Vanilla coffee (President Choice brand from Superstore)...HIGHLY recommend this coffee.
Just as the title says, "How are all of you doing??" No, really...how are all of you doing today? what crafty projects do you have underway?? What deals have you found for crafty things?? What kind of day are you having?? What are you up to today?? Would really like to know how you all are doing :)!
Today was a nice cool day, but nice enough one could walk down to the bus stop...so that is what we were going to do. My older son was already to go, so he went outside onto our front deck to play in his sandbox while he waited for me to get the other 2 ready plus myself. My 4 year old actually did really well this morning in terms of getting dressed and not being distracted like he usually is. So I praised him to the high heavens :), then we didn't have any problems getting his coat and boots on either...hurray :)! Here is where it gets tricky, lol....
We made it up to the top of our driveway, my older son heard the bus *odd since the bus shouldn't be there at our stop for another 10-15 min.* and so he ran to see. My 4 year old had something else in mind, he ran back down the driveway and disappeared as I am calling him to come back. My older son was hollering that his bus left without him, so I told him to come back to where I was...meanwhile I don't know where my other son is but my dh heard me hollering our sons name. He came out to find me heading to the garage, also to look in the backyard for him...we weren't too impressed with him since there is another issue going on with our school bus driver and the bus he is driving just drove away. My 4 year old was trying to get a skateboard (not that he could use it on our gravel driveway or on the main street we live on), he cried the whole way down to the bus stop. We had to run to find out what was going on with the bus, luckily our neighbour who has 2 boys on the same bus ran out in her pj's and explained that he was early. That he waits way down the street at like a community center, and this morning he was in a daze (just who you want to be driving, lol) so he continued on up the road to our bus stop. Anyways, we made it home all in one piece and all was right with the world again...my dd is really finding this cold a hard one to deal with...
Then when I got home, I dug out all the spring coats to see who fits in what now...well the 4 year old has no spring coat or rain coat...he had one of those secret growth spurts this week. His brother's coats fit him...but his brother needs them, so we went to Walmart (the only place who carries raincoats, not these "water repelent" or "water resistant coats") and we picked up 2 coats for $40. I think that when my oldest sees the windbreaker type coat he will want one too...he doesn't need one though...it is a "Lightening McQueen" coat!
For crafty projects I have been trying to figure out what to do for my inlaws Anniversary that is coming up, and for that project I needed some 12 x 12 sheets of cardstock. I actually didn't have any sheets of 12 x 12 paper except one piece that was a color I didn't think they would like...so I went to the only place I go for cardstock and patterned paper (PhotoMemories). I don't use a lot of 12 x 12 sheets, just because I am not so much into the scrapbooking scene *gasp* I know, lol :)! So not only did I get 4 sheets of the color 12 x 12 cardstock that I was looking for but I got 1 tree stamp, 1 stamp with cute flip flops on it, and a stamp set having to do with weddings/anniversaries by Inkadinkado. Oh yeah, then when I was at the cash waiting for the lady to ring my order in...I turned around bad thing for me to have done. I saw these really nice cards with beautiful flourishes on them, I asked what they used to do it, they looked like someone did it freehand. Nope, not the case...they used a stencil and so of course I couldn't leave there without that now could I...will take a picture of this stencil for you all to see...really nice stencils. I am not one for stencils, but you HAVE to see these one's they are amazing :)! Hoping to incorporate it into my inlaws gift somehow :)!
Now I am waiting for 1:45 p.m. to roll around, so that I can walk down to the bus stop to get my older son :)! I was supposed to go out tonight to this lecture by a Dr. Russell Greenfield, who wrote the book "Healthy Child, Whole child" but since I am not feeling that great from the cold I have I decided to stay home. Perhaps I can get some crafty time in tonight...hmmm...we will have to see :)!
Have a super day everyone :)!


Heather said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Tracy.H said...

You just gotta love the bus!! We had our own issues with the bus today. My oldest daughter's bus was about 20mins late this morning and then they were 1hr and 20mins late coming home!!! Crazy! We have a hugh driver shortage here in Calgary, so when our regular driver is sick or away, they are REALLY scrambling to find a replacement. Hopefully tomorrow is back to normal! I worked today...took the rest of my TAC stamps to work so I could cut them. 2 Alphabet sets and a sentiment set, so I have lots of blisters for all that cutting!! I even have the bandaids to prove it! ;0)

Tracy.H said...

Oh and I received some awesome mail today! Thank you so much for the RAK!! It made my day. :0)