Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Coffee Break

I know, I know I haven't been doing this regularly...but I thought that I would wait a bit and let someone have something new...something exciting to share. So how are things going today?? Well, today my oldest has the next 2 days off because his teachers are having a conference...it is a city wide inservice and so we were going to go off and have a playdate with his fiance (tee hee). However, that all changed when I went in to my dd's bedroom...and found a child that was unrecognizable...lol, she had a crusty green looking face. Yep, it is a cold...so her brother's aren't too happy with her...actually she isn't too happy about it either :)!!! We are staying home, taking it easy, and I am doing housework...posting crafty things...

What are you upto today?? Get any crafty time in today?? Make sure you get some "You" time in today or tomorrow...I find that we as women tend to be dealing with others that we sometimes forget that we need down time. So here's a challenge for you, go have some "you" time, wether it is reading a book, reading blogs to get your google reader #'s down (that'd be me), or going shopping or something. I find that it does everyone some good in your house, when you get some down time...anyways, that's enough rambling from me now.

Have a super day, would love to hear what you have planned over the next couple of days...or what crafty endeavors you are working on...anything :)!! Take care *HUGS*


Kristin said...

Catherine, I'm so glad you found my blog and commented so that I could seek out yours. You do such lovely unique work- I love the different stamps you use too. I am an SU demo so that's all I use, but it is fun to peek at other stuff too! Wonderful blog!

Caz said...

Hi Catherine.

I believe you can order them...I am sure they ship worldwide. You need to go to CLICK HERE then click on order stamp club. The are shipped 4 times a year and you can either order one at a time or order the whole year in advance. They cost SKR 276 per set, which worked out as just under £25 GBP.