Monday, April 23, 2007

Diana's SU night!

Thursday, April 19th I attended a friends Stampin' Up night at her house with some other friends. for those of you who don't know what Stampin' Up is, it is a company that makes supplies to scrapbook or make any paper project and also makes rubber stamps for any occasion. I am one of those addicted to creating handmade greeting cards, not so much into the scrapbooking thing...but I am going to have to start on my daughters scrapbook soon! Here is one of the cards we made that night:

Here is the door prize that I won:

~ This is a little booklet, resembles a matchbook but when you open it up it has a tiny pack of "Trident" bubble gum in it. Apparently you can only get this tiny pack of gum in the States! Cute eh?

Here is the inside of the booklet:

The little oval slit there or hole is where you slide your package of gum in. Cute eh? Will try to do my first tutorial of this later, once I try to create one of these myself!!


Diana Graff said...

oooh I love the second one with the fish! that was a fun night, for me any way, I think I will have more of those parties.