Saturday, November 13, 2010

Great News

I am excited to share with you that there is a new little crafty store out near me, it is called "Tabitha's Treasures" it carries mostly Scrapbooking things but she is starting to carry other products like Spellbinders. Anyways, I went in a few months ago and talked to Anne (the lady who owns/runs the store) and she asked me to make a few different cards to have in her store to decorate it/to give people ideas/to sell if people wanted my cards. Then a week or two later I get a call from her asking me if I would be interested in teaching some classes there in her store, I told her that I was very interested in teaching some classes.
The first class I taught was stamping on Scallop shells, with beach themed stamps ("There She Goes" stamps) as well as coloring in the stamped images on the shell with SU watercolor crayons. We had 4 wonderful local ladies come out to this class, these ladies either were Scrapbookers or they were basically beginners. They all did really well, considering they were all basically beginners and they left with a new found confidence which is what I was hoping :)!
A few weeks ago I was asked to do another class, this time would be Christmas tags/cards themed class and we have possibly 5 people coming out to this mornings class. I am excited to show these ladies the many easy Xmas tag/card possibilities there are, hopefully get them all hooked :)! Today we are making 3 tags, all of them different and if we have time a small xmas card which I decided to not totally make up for them. Have them use some of my crafty tools to create their own card, sure I cut out some pieces but left a few of them to do...I want them to use my Cuttlebug to emboss and for them to use Spellbinders. I will let you know how things go this afternoon :)!

Inky Hugs,


Tracy.H said...

Congrats! Have fun with the classes! :0)

Deborah March said...

GREAT Catherine! Hey, show us those stamped shells whydon'tcha, they sound intriguing!