Monday, June 28, 2010

Teacher's Gifts

I finally figured out what I was going to do for Teacher's gifts this year, I was at a Dollar store the other day and came across these really neat looking mugs. They looked like clay pots (but with a handle), so I thought that it would be perfect for the teachers if I filled it up with something in one of those little cellophane bags you can get. I went to Bulk Barn, got a PILE of truffles and left there pretty happy with to go home to create this special gift :)!
I had several teachers to do: My oldest son just had 1 teacher, my middle son has 2 home room teachers that split teach, his Learning Center teacher and his Aide. Plus, I had my son's bus drivers which there are 4 of them and knew this idea I had would be quick and easy to do :)! For Ethan's teachers I wrote a little note that went something like this:
  "The other day I was out running errands when I came across these mugs, they reminded me of clay flower pots and how they help flowers/plants grow by supporting them. They support them by holding them together so they can grow big and strong, then we can transplant them into a garden outside! I then thought of all of you who have taught E* this year, how each of you helped him grow with all the supports he needed and helped him get to where he is now. You haven't just done this with E*, but with all of your students every day and every year! With that we thank you for everything you have done, and each time you take a sip from your mug you will be reminded just how special you teachers are."

I just found out that we are losing our Learning Center teacher that has helped E* excel in so many ways, which is hard because she has that passion one needs to do what she does and you can tell she really truly cares for each child. We are sad she is leaving us, but hope that the person who is replacing her has that same passion and is just as good as she was...will be hard to replace her that is for sure!!!

Inky Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Great Idea!!!
very creative and thoughtful... But, what about those who are not as creative...What do you think about websites like this; for those who want something a little more quick and easy...

Caroline said...

beautiful - love it - TFS! :)