Wednesday, August 5, 2009

a set back

So we have had a bit of a set back, I think that is what you would call it...oh well, that's what I am going to call it :p! Our son E*, has been on his meds for about 2 months now which is SUPER :)....however about 3 weeks ago I started to see changes in him. By changes I mean him starting to slip back slowly into his own little world again, meltdowns are coming back, he is getting more irritable, he is stimming again and he is also not able to tell you as often what is bothering him. Not too sure what is going on there, his med dosage hasn't changed or anything...but luckily he has an appointment to see "dr. flip flop" in the morning. It is like we take two steps forward, to only take one to two back...

Will keep you posted!

Inky Hugs,


Tracy.H said...

Sorry to hear that...hopefully Dr. Flip Flop can sort it out for you.

Love the pic, by the way! :0)

FoundProdigalDaughter said...

I imagine with many medication's it's not uncommon to do really well and then sort of plateau or have the problems seem to creep back up. I know it's that way with anti-depressants often times, and my cousin is going through a similar thing with her insulin meds. It's because the body has a way of adjusting to the dose, so likely a little tweak needs to be done. Thankfully you're seeing the person who can make that happen.

I know it's easier said then done but try not to get discouraged. I know it's not easy when it's not an obvious thing you can see, such as a broken arm and pain management for that, but the right dose will be found in time. Unfortunately it takes some trial and error and some good times and bad before the exact right dose and/or med can be found. And sometimes what seems right ends up in time not being right. Been there.

Hang in there. Praying and ***HUGS***